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RAKTIM has done his B.TECH from IIT-BHU. He joined Infosys in 1995. He describes himself “As one of the few lucky software champions, who are Digital Product Native”.

From day 1, Raktim got the opportunity to work on Infosys’s FINACLE suite of Products.

With more than 25 years of experience in Infosys FINACLE, he had developed new products and played various roles, from Strategy, Product evangelization, Product Development and implementation of these product across globe.

His Book ‘Driving Digital Transformation’ is an Amazon Bestseller and has been sold in 20+ countries.

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This book provides you a step by step guide for transforming your business. As per author, We do the business transformation to provide Digital experience to the customer. 

You need to apply ‘Inside Out’ approach for holistic transformation.

To understand the concept better, let us distinguish between what is ‘DIGITAL Experience’ and how to do business transformation with the help of new technologies.

Digital transformation consists of four aspects:

1. Understanding the true meaning of digital experience

2. Understanding the cultural mindset & ground realties of your organization.

3. Understanding new technologies & using them properly to transform the business process around us.

4. Understanding Digital Anthropology, so as to change your mindset & subconscious mind. Th is will help  you in making sure that you are able to sustain this transformation journey in future.


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